Episode 39

Published on:

21st Apr 2021

Talking Dirty (Postbag Edition - Episode 39)

With lots of questions to answer, Thordis and Alan Gray (East Ruston Old Vicarage) host a Postbag edition of the podcast, plus plenty of seed-sowing tips and Alpine trough advice with a focus on special plants that you could try.

If you want to ask a question of the team you can email hello@getgardeningnow.co.uk, contact them on social media or comment on the Get Gardening YouTube channel.


Lunaria annua 'Chedglow'

Eschscholzia californica

Papaver dubium 'Albiflorum' 

Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'

Papaver rhoeas 'Amazing Grey'

Saxifraga burseriana  

Gentiana asclepiadea  

Calceolaria paralia 'Lemon Drops'

Calceolaria Herbeohybrida Group 'Sunset Orange'

Aloe aristata

Clematis 'Pixie'

Narcissus cantabricus

Betula nana

Forsythia ovata 'Paulina'

Saxifraga longifolia 'Tumbling Waters'  

Viola odorata 'King of Violets'

Nicotiana x hybrida 'Tinkerbell'

Fritillaria meleagris

Geum 'Mai Tai' 

Geum 'Mrs J Bradshaw'

Geum 'Lady Stratheden'

Geum 'Coral Tempest'

Geum 'Totally Tangerine'

Chrysanthemum 'Emperor of China'  

Chrysanthemum 'Tula Improved'

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